Quotable Quotes

  "A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops."
--Henry Brooks Adams


Let's celebrate our MPTA members!!

We are all aware our MPTA members are some of the finest educators in Westchester. Each day our members bring challenging and motivating learning opportunities to our students.  We want to hear about it!

Tell on yourself! Tell on a colleague!  Brag about those exceptional lessons! Boast about the special happening in your school.  Talk about the grants you have won.  Spread the word about the classes that have enhanced your instruction.  Tell us about the helping hands our members offer in the Mt. Pleasant community and in their own communities. 


Voting for democracy and a better life

In the leadup to the midterm elections, pundits predicted a red wave, even a tsunami, based on polls, historical precedent, and steep gas and grocery prices. But I had my doubts. I spent the weeks before the elections talking to voters and traveling on the AFT Votes bus, rolling through a dozen states with more than 50 stops. In a year when kitchen table issues, democracy and our freedoms were on the ballot, many people told me that the elections came down to a choice between, on the one side, election deniers and extremists stoking fear, and on the other, problem-solvers working to help the country move forward. Many races were close, but Americans turned the tide from a red wave to a swell of support for progress and problem-solvers. Read the full column here.

Sharing more pathways to student debt relief

As the landscape of student debt shifts, and more and more opportunities allow borrowers to have their debt relieved, the AFT is using every avenue to ensure that the word is out. In affiliate meetings, telephone town halls, media coverage and social media, the union is spreading the news, and at a student debt clinic at AFT headquarters in Washington, D.C., on Aug. 31, AFT President Randi Weingarten vowed to reach as many people as possible with information that could save them tens—and sometimes hundreds—of thousands of dollars.