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June 2022 Benefit Info

MPTA Benefit Fund for Active and Retired Members

Summer 2022

Summary Schedule of Benefits 2022

Vision News— Raymond Opticians offers a spare pair of eyeglasses
along with our plan of one pair of eyeglasses for employees and one for
dependents. The spare pair can be transferred to any family member.
Our plan year runs from July 1 to June 30. If you use another optician, you
file your claim with Davis Vision.

Davis Vision Claim Form

Legal News — Chris Harold and his associates will provide legal
services to our extended family members (parents, in-laws) at a
discounted rate. They will draw up a simple will, living will, medical care
proxy and a general power of attorney for a discounted amount for our
family members. Chris can be reached at 914-683-2500.

Retirement Benefits — we are happy to offer vision, legal, dental and
health advocate to our retirees. The cost will be $1040 for single and
$1740 for family memberships. Information was recently sent to retirees
via email. Retirees must notify Ellen if their email changes.

Enrollment Changes – If you change your address, add a dependent,
etc... you need to fill out a new enrollment form. Please see the attached
form and send it to Ellen.

Change in Enrollment Form

Dependents - They will be covered for dental and vision up to the age of
26. You will no longer need to provide documentation that they are in

Dental - As of July 1, 2021, we added Anthem Dental PPO Network to our
dental program. This is an additional program that helps reduce the out
of pocket cost to our members. All our existing dental programs stay the
same. Anthem will be sending new cards to all members over the

ADA Dental Claim Form

COBRA – If your employment has been terminated (resigned or
temporary leave) or your child is no longer eligible, you are entitled to
continue dental and vision coverage for 18 months. Please let me know if
you need more information.

Health Advocate Program— Contact them at or
1-866-695-8622. This program is available to you and your family
including parents. They will help answer medical issues and billing

Employee Assistance Program – For more information, please visit
their website –

Stacey Braun Financial Services - Free annual financial consultations.
Call 1-888-949-1925

Zenith American Solutions – If you have an issue with a claim, please
contact Zenith American Solutions at P.O. Box 5817, Wallingford, Ct
06492 or 1-800-446-8646. Zenith is experiencing a shortage of workers,
please be patient.

Zenith American Portal Registration - you can logon to and set up an account to see your claims and get
forms for dental and vision along with a list of PPO for dental. When
setting up the account select “Participant Edge” and complete the
**There is a $30.00 charge for stopped checks/replacement checks.

Have a Happy and Healthy Summer!
MPTA Benefit Chair: Ellen Igo
Trustees: Mary Cunningham (retiree), Terre Barbuto, Kristen Talusan,
Virginia Campbell (MPTA President) and Erika O’Byrne

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